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Online Ecommerce Stores

Our on-line stores and shops are powerful and scalable, allowing you to sell on-line securely 24 hours a day! Whether you have half a dozen items or inventories of hundreds or thousands of items, we have a store to meet your needs.

Our stores can print or email the order for online or off-line sales, they connect to payment gateways to allow you to accept payment via the Internet and have built in search and administration facilities so it is easy to find products and change product descriptions and pictures instantly. Our stores can easily handle alternate styles, sizes and colour of items - something not many on-line stores can do!

  • Password protected on-line administration section allowing additions, deletions and changes to be made to items in the store via the Internet.
  • Facility enables thumbnail view of product and short description and links to a detail page of the item
  • Facility that enables a merchant to create categories and sub-categories of items
  • Facility that enables a shopper to search for products in the store using a keyword search and an index of items matching the keyword are generated allowing individual items to be browsed and ordered/purchased
  • New and updated items/entries are flagged and denoted with separate icons to facilitate browsing by regular customers
  • Store tallies total price for items selected to be purchased and forwards the order via e-mail to a nominated merchant e-mail address. Can forward payments when connected to an Online Works approved and compatible credit card gateway.
  • Order can be printed for fax/mail order that enables buyer to complete and mail or fax
  • Store generates an order record/receipt and sends it to the buyer via e-mail and logs purchase details in an order log accessible through the administration system.
  • Store can accommodate for additional sizes, styles and/or colours of an individual item
  • Allows for GST to be included with each item and to be calculated along with the total price.
  • Allows for GST to be excluded if a customer is ex-Australia.
  • Connection to the Java version E-sec credit card gateway for payment processing to an approved Australian credit card merchant facility. Other credit card gateways are supported.
  • Credit card facility includes an order summary report generator (summarises orders in a list by date of purchase, buyer details and stock purchased - can be customised to provide basic accounting information and stock/inventory control - additional costs may be incurred depending on requirements

Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for a consultation with a member of our experienced team who can demonstrate our technology in detail and assist you to explore your options.

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