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Survey System

Be able to conduct online surveys with your customers using our online survey systems.

Features of this systems are:

  • Users will be able to answer question created by you in the customised administration area.
  • Survey allows the customers response to be locked as they proceed through the survey.
  • Totals responses for each question and provides totals that are viewable on the screen within the administration area.
  • All answers are written in to a database to be down loaded at a later date.
  • Sorts customers data depending on the answers they have made to any particular question.
  • The options for group emails to customers depending on the answers they have given.
  • Facility enabling an administrator to choose the number of questions, the type of answers, and the type of response menu (radio button, drop down menu or check box) that will be available for each question.
  • Password protected on-line administration section allowing 1 administrator to perform additions, deletions suspensions and changes to the surveys in the section.
  • Customise database connections to the web site

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