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Websites, Online Store, Online Catalogue, Content Management System Development history - The Online Works story...

When we started in this business 8+ years ago there was no such thing as the 'Internet Industry'. Microsoft had just released Internet Explorer version 1, Bill Gates was quoted as saying the Internet would not have that big an impact on his business, Macromedia had just changed the name of some software they acquired from 'Future Splash ' to 'Shockwave Flash' and Au Domain names were approved by 1 person.

We remember a time when if you wanted to connect to the Internet you were very lucky, very patient (remember 24.4k modems!), very technically able or a University staffer, Ozemail only offered e-mail and basic static web sites were being sold to corporate companies for 6 - 7 digits and less than 1 in 100 people had even heard of the Internet...A lot has transpired since then...

We have had the privilege to play a part in the birth of a new Industry. We saw 'cowboys' and 'hustlers' come and go, wild claims fizzle into nothing and the Internet gold rush turn into a ghost town. We saw billionaires made and lost overnight on the NASDAQ, and almost any idiot with an idea involving the Internet receive tens of millions of dollars in funding from venture capital firms wanting a slice of the action. Are we glad those days are over!

We waited patiently while people learned about the technology that would revolutionise their lives in their homes and in their work places. All the while quietly building our expertise, product range, methods, systems and approach. Every year that passed we had more clients than the previous year that relied on us every day for their Internet presence and on-line communications.


Today we have multitudes of clients that rely on us for their Internet presence, their email, growing their customer and revenue base, communicating quickly and cost effectively with their customers and being more efficient through the application and use of our products and services. Our persistence and patience has allowed us to be here now that there is a true Internet industry. And we are one of the most experienced companies in this sector, having successfully completed a range of projects that spans almost every magnitude - from 1 person operations to Multinational Enterprises.

Every project we undertake includes this experience as part of the value proposition we make to our prospective clients. Our proven track record enables us to move boldly into a new project with the quiet confidence and assurance that empowers us to reduce or eliminate the risk of establishing or growing your Internet presence.

We know what works on the Internet. And most importantly, we know how to add this valuable experience into your business.

Our client list proves our agility and flexibility in providing applications, solutions and services to any sized business - see details by clicking on the 'Folio' link.

We create and manage our client's content and solutions to empower them to manage their Internet presence with our proven Internet applications, web-site hosting and technical support services.

For over 6 years we have been building reliability, usability, creativity and scalability into everything we do. We build our reputation and our future on this input.

Contact Us now to arrange a meeting and let us prove to you we understand your business and your requirements. Allow us to articulate the many advantages of doing business with us in creating or developing your Internet presence.

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