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Hosting & Email

Reliable and fast web site hosting and email services are the backbone of a successful on-line presence and critical to business success.

We have nearly a decade of experience and expertise configuring advanced and complex split DNS, mail forwarding and multi-server email solutions and we always ensure the integration of our solution into a client's operating environment is achieved with a minimum of disruption.

We know the criticality of email in the workplace. We experience the importance of a web site's availability every day. We understand the importance of addressing issues immediately for our clients and we succeed in providing a superior service to our clients as evidenced in our client service appraisals.

We have worked hard in the last eight years to source and maintain the fastest and most reliable servers in one of the best data centres in Australia to ensure our customers enjoy a superior hosting solution.

Housed in a secure data centre in Sydney, New South Wales, a few hops from the Internet backbone, our hosting and email services ensure our clients can communicate through email and display their information quickly and reliably 24 hours a day, all year round with near zero latency over broadband.

Our technical support personnel are in direct contact with our equipment both physically and remotely to ensure the best levels of performance and support. You will never have to wait in que and be bounced from person to person, repeating over and over your technical support issues with each person when you host with us.

Our flexible hosting services and solutions ensure your requirements are met with flexibility and reliability as a priority. We specialise in hosting Internet applications in Microsoft Environments.

Contact us now to see how easy it is to enjoy one of the best hosting and email experiences in the country. Eliminate lost hours on hold, repeating your support issue over and over to each new technical support person. Contact us now to see how effortless and easy it can be.

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