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Online Works Privacy Policy

Online Works is committed to protecting your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). Personal Information under the Privacy Act includes any information by which a person's identity can be reasonably determined.

Our Privacy Policy sets out the manner in which we may collect and treat Personal Information.

It also describes how you may access and amend Personnel Information held by us on your behalf.

    1. We may collect Personal Information from you when you instruct us to provide legal services for you. We may also collect Personal Information from you if you attend one of our seminars or subscribe to our mailing list.
    2. The Personal Information that we will collect from you usually will include your name, address, telephone number, facsimile number and email address. We may collect additional Personal Information from you if it is necessary to provide our products & services.
    3. We will keep your Personal Information secured in our offices and our off-site at our secured records management facility. If/when your business is completed we may store your records and any related Personal Information at our secured records management facility.

    1. We will not use Personal Information for purposes other than;
      1. providing our products and services; and
      2. providing details of our products and services and upcoming seminars through our mailing list.
    2. If you do not wish to subscribe to our mailing list any longer and wish to be removed please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details set out in paragraph 5.
    3. We will not disclose your Personal Information other than for the purposes of providing our products and services unless required to do so. For example, we may disclose Personal Information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or external advisers where permitted or required by law.
    4. If we provide your Personal Information to a third party we will, unless prevented by law or a court order, require the third party to protect your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Act.
    5. We will not sell, trade or rent your Personal Information without your prior consent.
    6. We may disclose Personal Information to avoid an imminent threat to a person's life or to public safety.

    1. We require our employees to perform their duties in a manner that is consistent with our responsibilities under the Privacy Act.
    2. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that paper and electronic records/data containing Personal Information are stored securely in our offices or secure record management facilities.

    1. If you wish to access your Personal Information, then you may contact our Privacy Officer and request that this be done. In the interests of your privacy we may require you to verify in writing your identity prior to releasing your Personal Information to you. Any questions you may have in relation to accessing Personal Information should be addressed to our Privacy Officer.
    2. We will return the Personal Information to you in accordance with our normal retrieval practices.
    3. We will take steps to destroy, amend or de-identify Personal Information in as short a time as possible after being notified by you in writing to do so unless the law requires otherwise.
    4. We reserve the right to charge you for the reasonable cost of the retrieving your Personal Information.

    1. Our Privacy Officer will be the first point of contact for inquiries about privacy issues. Individuals wishing to make an inquiry or complaint regarding privacy should do so by contacting our Privacy Officer using the contact details below:

    Privacy Officer: Nicholas Kellis -

Suite 402, Level 4, 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004. Tel. 1300 72 11 85 Fax. 03 9699 8809    Click here to contact us.